What if Newspapers Had Just Been Invented?

Speaking at the National Association of Broadcasters convention, Malcolm Gladwell the author of The Tipping Point and Blink posed the question; What if Newspapers Had Just Been Invented?

Will the decline of newspapers continue? Many of us, including Malcolm believe that this is true. Certainly the revenue model around them has deteriorated. As will the model around television and radio. In fact I believe that all businesses that were built around controlling the distribution of information face the same decline and disruption in their business model. I currently work for Cox Communications, a division of Cox Enterprises who also happen to own Cox Media, which include Cox Newspapers, which is one of the nation’s ten largest newspaper-publishing enterprises, includes 17 daily and 28 non-daily newspapers.

Take a look at this list of features and services the newspaper industry have let slip through their fingers because of their misguided insistence of controlling the distribution rather than concentrating on the content.

Why do I feel like my car is stalled in the railroad crossing?

Newspaper Destiny

Just found this cheery bit of news on the WSJ, where they have this nice map calling out the decline of newspapers across the country:

The Atlanta Journal-Constitution said in March 2009 it will cut its full-time news staff by about 90 people, or nearly 30%. It is the third and largest round of job cuts for the AJC news staff, which numbered about 500 in 2006. The first came in 2007 with buyouts for retirement-eligible staff members, followed by a broader buyout in mid-2008


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