Problem Solving: Bright Idea

This problem involves a sealed room with no windows. No light can get in or out of the room. Outside of the room near the door are three light switches. The electrical contractor was asked to install three lights inside the room, each having its own light switch outside the room. These were the extent of the requirements given. As it turns out the contractor gave no thought to correlating the order of the switches to the order of the lights in the room. (Typical of most outsourcing)

You are left to solve the problem of which switch goes to which light. But there is only one caveat. You may only enter the room one time and one time only to see which light is on. You may not leave the door open, you have no help, and you have to special equipment to assist you. You may only follow these steps:

1. Manipulate the switches
2. Enter the room
3. Solve which switch goes with with light.

Comment back if you think you have solved it


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